The Cybernance Platform

Cybersecurity is not just a technology problem. It’s a workforce problem, and a management problem – and a board governance problem. The Cybernance Platform is the missing link that provides immediate visibility into cybersecurity operations, enabling leaders to work together to mitigate enterprise cyber risk.

The Cybernance Platform is a SaaS platform that collects data on hundreds of cybersecurity controls within an organization to generate information needed for directors and executive management to:

Identify defensive weak spots

Assign responsibility to managers

Encourage inter-departmental collaboration

Demonstrate active and evolving cybersecurity maturity

Unlike other cybersecurity technologies, Cybernance focuses on the human element of security – what is the entire organization doing to protect the company’s assets?

What Does Cybernance Do?

Cybernance is a rapid, automated, evaluation. It audits approximately 400 cyber control points. A lightweight, frictionless workflow finds the natural owners of various control functions and provides real-time reporting on cyber resilience:

  • Policy and procedures
  • Training and awareness
  • Compliance and liability

Built upon established standards, Cybernance helps corporate leaders adopt the leading cyber risk practices.

The Cybergovernance Maturity Oversight Model (aka CMOM, pronounced “see-mom”)


Measurable Measures and monitors approximately 400 control points
Structured Controls feed into 3 NIST tiers and 10 C2M2 domains
Interoperable Overlays report on HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI, ISO 27001, FERPA, and more
Comprehensive Vendor risk assessments, portfolio risk reporting, a la carte outputs, and more
Rapid Deployments completed in hours and days, not weeks and months
Secure Cloud-based SaaS platform, no install, no access requirements


Organizations that become cyber resilient tend to excel in other operational capacities.

Those who emerge as leaders in the field will command a well-deserved competitive advantage.


Cybernance delivers value at all levels:

  • insight for boards,
  • clarity and guidance for CEOs,
  • executive alignment for security leaders, and
  • sponsorship and support for key stakeholders across diverse functional areas.

The end result is operational excellence.

Brian Shultz, Chief Revenue Officer of Cybernance Corporation, explains the risk cyber threats pose to risk managers. 5 min

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