Mission and Values

We equip organizations and boards to manage and oversee cyber risk

Too often, cyber risk management has been walled off, pegged as a specialized function. We shine the light on the need for effective risk management across the entire organization. We provide management with an enterprise-wide answer for mitigating cyber risk. We provide boards with a comprehensive framework for cyber risk oversight.

We start with integrity and respect

We listen to our stakeholders. We do the right thing. We do what we say we’re going to do. We treat others as we wish to be treated. We collaborate to solve problems.

We exceed customer expectations

Without our customers, we have no business. We seek to anticipate customer needs. We invite insights and advice. We are highly responsive, and we go above and beyond to please.

We promote team member success and well-being

We value each other as colleagues, we honor effort, and we reward contributions. We empower people to excel and grow in new directions. We support them in achieving personal fulfillment and professional accomplishment.

We build mutually-beneficial partnerships

Our partners and suppliers are critical to our ability to fulfill our mission and meet the needs of our stakeholders. We strive for enduring, productive business alliances with others who share our values.

We prize excellence and quality

We base our work on rigorous, internationally-recognized standards. We pursue constant improvement.

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We create long-term value

We are the keepers of our shareholders’ investments. We are inspired by their trust. We’re committed to providing them with healthy returns.

We support communities

We are a part of our home communities, and the broader communities we serve. We feel the responsibility to give back, and to engage actively as good citizens.

We prize sustainable practices

We work to conserve and protect the resources of our communities and our planet. Creating long-term value for our stakeholders requires no less.

We Promote Team Member Success and Well-being

Building on Individual Strengths

We draw on the knowledge and skills that each team member brings to Cybernance. We encourage team members to harness their individual abilities and interests to help us achieve our mission and to realize personal success and growth.

Tapping the Power of Teams

We empower our team members to lead our growth through a team-based structure and culture. The combined brainpower and vitality of our people are essential to fulfilling our mission and meeting our customers’ needs.

Embracing Education and Learning

We champion team member efforts to learn and grow. Cybernance fosters and encourages continuing education and learning.

We Prize Excellence and Quality

Meticulous Care

We insist on implementing the latest best practice guidelines. Our products embody the most exacting requirements for cyber risk management and oversight, developed through the collaborative efforts of the public sector, the private sector and academia.

Continuous Revision

We constantly update the Cybernance platform to reflect evolving benchmarks for quality. We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to improve our products, and seek out customer feedback to the same end. We implement enhancements as quickly as we identify them.

Our Approach

Identifying and mitigating risk reduces the likelihood of harm. It also provides your organization with knowledge and insight to enhance strategy and operations. We not only work to help you address and reduce cyber risk; in the process, we also strive to help you fulfill your mission, and to get there faster than the competition.