Audit Feature

The audit of standardized cyber assessments is critical to defense from information breaches and ransomware events.

The Cybernance Audit Feature substantially reduces the time and expense of the audit process while enabling critical analysis and reporting for C-suite and boards of directors. The increased knowledge of risk to the enterprise provides valuable data upon which executives can make decisions on managing risk within the organization.

The Auditor Role provides access in read-only mode to all information about all controls, whether they are Questions, Statements, or Actions. Access includes the assessment level, supporting comments, and supporting attachments.

Read-only access to entire assessment, Including notes and artifacts

Separate Audit notes and attachments only viewable to users when ready

Audit status set by Auditor: Unaudited, In Progress, Audited

The Auditor Role is a standard part of the Cybernance Platform, and is provided as a feature of all assessment frameworks.