Cybergovernance Journal Update – 8/12/16

by | Aug 12, 2016

If organizations are hesitant or, worse, resistant to shoring up their cybersecurity practices, their insurance company and public shame may force them to.

Insurers Will Drive Stronger Cyber Resilience

Cybergovernance Journal, Aug. 8
A recent article by Greg Otto at Black Hat is the first indication of the industry attitude shift that we bet the formation of Cybernance on 18 months ago…

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Insurance Companies Are Coming for the Infosec Industry

Fedscoop, August 5
Insurance giants are becoming more sophisticated with their cyber insurance packages, which could soon put them in a position to dictate how cybersecurity companies operate…

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How Public Shame Might Force a Revolution in Computer Security

MIT Technology Review, August 4
CITL was established by high-profile hacker Peiter Zatko and his wife, Sarah. The pair presented their first results at the Black Hat conference Wednesday, showing how analysis methods they had developed can assign a range of security scores to different software programs…

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NIST, Cybersecurity Commission Seek Broad Range of Public Cyber Comments

The Hill, August 10
“Steps must be taken to enhance existing efforts to increase the protection and resilience of the digital ecosystem, while maintaining a cyber environment that encourages efficiency, innovation, and economic prosperity…”

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Artificial Intelligence Just Changed the Future of Information Security

Nextgov, August 9
It will be some time before robots can tackle the most difficult bugs out there, but AI promises to remove the easy ones and drastically improve the ability of humans to find the more difficult ones…

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How Threat Awareness is Different From Threat Intelligence

SecurityWeek, July 26
There is an increasing interest by a wide range of organizations to acquire access to external threat intelligence or feeds. While this is potentially a good thing, it needs to be seen within the context of what an organization can actually do with such information once acquired…

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