Cybergovernance Journal Update – 7/15/2016

by | Jul 15, 2016

It’s not recommended, when you are hit by hackers, that you cover it up to avoid liability. It’s better to have a comprehensive, holistic cybersecurity plan that is more than software plus the IT department.

Operational Excellence Through Cyber Risk Governance

Cybergovernance Journal, July 11
Continuously monitoring and enhancing cyber risk infrastructure has a significant impact on achieving operational excellence. Using a system founded upon the three principles enables continual monitoring and assessment of hundreds of controls that support online services…

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Obama Says U.S. Government Must Improve Cybersecurity

Reuters, July 10
“I am concerned about it, I don’t think we have it perfect. We have to do better, we have to learn from mistakes,” Obama told a news conference in Madrid. “We know that we have had hackers in the White House…”

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Report: China Hacked the FDIC, U.S. Officials Covered It Up

Money, July 13
China’s spies hacked into computers at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from 2010 until 2013 — and American government officials have been covering it up…

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As Cybercrime Increases, Cyber Security Itself is No Longer Sufficient

CSO, July 13
Cyber resilience anticipates a degree of uncertainty: it’s difficult to undertake completely comprehensive risk assessments about participation in cyberspace. Cyber resilience also recognizes the challenges in keeping pace with, or anticipating, the increasingly sophisticated threats from malspace…

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Amazon Suffers Security Breach; 80,000 Login Credentials Leaked

Hackread, July 10
The 597.4 MB leaked data includes usernames and encrypted passwords of Amazon Kindle users. The hacker states he targeted Amazon because the firm did not reply or pay any attention to his reports aiming at critical security flaws in their server…

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IT Security Skills Shortage Leads to Increased Threats

OnRec, July 13
The escalating fear of data theft, hacking and fraud means an increased demand for IT security specialists. The importance of hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who is not only the key player in efficiently managing the IT security process but also in enhancing internal security awareness across the organization…

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