Cybergovernance Journal Update – 2/24/17

by | Feb 24, 2017

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With the average cost of a cyber breach being $4 million (in addition to loss of future revenue and customers), what more motivation do board members need to take cyber risk seriously?

By March 1? Really? How? NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulation Looms

Advisen, Feb. 22
To accelerate compliance with the NY DFS regulations, implement a rigorous and comprehensive assessment against the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), the highly recommended de facto standard…

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Six Ways Directors Can Move Organizations to Cyber Maturity

LinkedIn Pulse, Feb. 22
Highlighting the risk that cybersecurity represents to corporate boards reveals the pivotal role directors can play in moving an organization to cyber maturity…

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HBR: Why Boards Aren’t Dealing with Cyberthreats

Global Advisors, Feb. 22
Just 38% of directors reported having a high level of concern about cybersecurity risks, and an even smaller proportion said they were prepared for these risks. They seem to be failing to make the connection between the pervasiveness of cyberthreats and their companies’ vulnerabilities…

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SURVEY: Cyberattack Remains Top Business Continuity Concern

Canadian Underwriter, Feb. 20
Despite the top three concerns remaining the same (globally, there was some variations), there was movement up or down for a number of specific business continuity concerns within the Top 10 and one new entry…

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Trump Must Address Critical Cybersecurity Expert Shortage

The Hill, Feb. 21
The problem is not a lack of talent, but an education system that withholds cybersecurity training until college. Many millennials that are savvy in information technology (IT) are looking for education models that replace enrolling in four-year academic institutions that results in loads of student debt…

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Yahoo Takes $350M Cut From Verizon After Breaches, Feb. 21
If cyber security was not already a priority agenda item across boardrooms, the news of the revised deal will resonate with key stakeholders in many organizations, according to Rob Norris, ‎Fujitsu head of enterprise and cyber security for EMEA…

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