Cybergovernance Journal Update – 2/10/17

by | Feb 10, 2017

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Human hacking is one of the easiest ways for agents to create a breach, especially if company culture is not improved alongside technological cyber risk measures.

Nowhere to Run, No Place to Hide

LinkedIn Pulse, Feb. 8
The psychological need to be perceived as competent and avoid embarrassment is universal, but when it blocks achievement of higher cyber resilience, it can’t be allowed to drive organizational behavior…

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Former Air Force Major General Brings Cybersecurity Expertise to Corporate Boards

CIO Journal, Feb. 7
The major general commanded the 24th Air Force, a solely cyberspace group that conducts cyberspace operations and defends the Air Force’s portion of the Defense Department’s global network. Now she translates her knowledge to the corporate world, serving as a director on the boards of…

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The Flaw in Applying Culture to Cyber Awareness Programs

CSO Online, Feb. 7
Organizations are realizing they need to understand their corporate culture in implementing awareness programs, and it’s long overdue. Unfortunately, it is being grossly misapplied. In short, you don’t want to adhere to culture, you want to improve culture. Learn how…

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“You’re Fired!” Will Not Fix Federal Cybersecurity

Defense One, Feb. 7
Sacking agency heads after a breach won’t make data and systems safer. Here’s what will…

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Mac Malware, Possibly Made in Iran, Targets US Defense Industry

CSO, Feb. 8
Just because you’re using a Mac doesn’t mean you’re safe from hackers. That’s what two security researchers are warning, after finding a Mac-based malware that may be an attempt by Iranian hackers to target the U.S. defense industry. Get more details…

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Platform Helps Insurance and Financial Institutions Meet NY State DFS Regulations

Latest Cybernance Press Release, Feb. 8
On the heels of the recent New York State Department of Financial Services cybersecurity regulation for all banks, insurance companies, and financial services institutions, Cybernance Corporation announced today that its Cybernance Platform meets all the requirements of the new cybersecurity regulation. Learn how it works…

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