Cybergovernance Journal Update – 12/2/16

by | Dec 2, 2016

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As comprehensive cybersecurity practices become better defined we find that the scope is much greater than the organization level encompassing an internet of things from refrigerators to pacemakers.

Private Equity Firms Need Cyber Dye Diligence

Cybergovernance Journal, Nov. 28
Verizon’s pending acquisition of Yahoo highlights a substantial risk faced by all private equity firms: how much cyber risk will the next transaction add to their portfolio?

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Rethinking Cybersecurity From the Inside Out

NIST blog, November 15
After four years of research and development, NIST has published a groundbreaking new security guideline that addresses the longstanding problem of how to engineer trustworthy, secure systems that can provide continuity of capabilities, functions, services, and operations during a wide range of disruptions, threats, and other hazards…

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Cognitive Hack: The New Battleground in Cybersecurity

Forbes, November 21
The cyber battleground has shifted from an attack on hard assets to a much softer target: the human mind. If human behavior is the new and last “weakest link” in the cyber security armor, is it possible to build cognitive defenses at the intersection of human-machine interactions?

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The Time to Address Medical Device Cybersecurity is Now

Boston Business Journal, December 1
The current state of vulnerable medical devices is unacceptable and requires an immediate, industrywide call to action. In order to address ever-mounting cybersecurity threats, organizations must take a systematic approach to identification, mitigation, and remediation of risk…

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Bruce Schneier: “The internet era of fun and games is over”

The Daily Dot, November 16
Everything is now a computer: This is not a phone. It’s a computer that makes phone calls. A refrigerator is a computer that keeps things cold. ATM machine is a computer with money inside. Your car is a computer with four wheels and an engine… And this is the Internet of Things, and this is what caused the DDoS attack we’re talking about…

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Adobe Ordered to Pay $1 Million Over 2013 Mega Breach

The State of Security, November 16
The participating states said the fine penalized the company for not adopting reasonable security measures to protect its systems from an attacker or having proper measures in place to immediately detect the attack…

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