Cybergovernance Journal Update – 12/16/16

by | Dec 16, 2016

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A security breach can not only impact customer data, trade secrets or national security, it can also effect your company’s sale price.

A National Cyber Immune System Begins with Shared Knowledge

Cybergovernance Journal, Dec. 12
The underpinnings of an information sharing program are taking shape all around us as more realize that cyber defense must include more than just perimeter defenses: it must also focus intensively on organization-wide awareness and resilience. One pathway to increasing both is the act of sharing information among peers who share exposure to the same cyber threats.

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Boards Push Insurers to Quantify Cyber Risks

MarketWatch, Dec. 15
Deals like this include ‘material adverse change’ clauses as well as certain closing conditions that each might give Verizon an exit option or the opportunity to renegotiate the deal… That clause does appear to be in the deal, based on Yahoo regulatory filings, and Verizon would be smart to exercise it.

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ENCORE: The Billion-Dollar NIST Assessment

Cybergovernance Journal, Oct. 10
The first Yahoo hack vividly illustrated why cyber risk mitigation must start from the top down and why board members should insist on getting the actionable information they need.

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VIDEO: Transferring Cyber Risk

Chertoff Group Security Series, Dec. 6
How has the cyberinsurance industry evolved? What are the enterprise-level and individual threats that can be insured? How do they assign monetary values to cyberattacks?

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The Trump Effect on Cybersecurity: Tough to Tell

NetworkWorld, Dec. 8
Donald Trump’s effect on cybersecurity after he’s sworn in as president next month will likely be toward military uses of cyber weapons and stronger tools for law enforcement to crack encryption, but the impact is hard to predict due to the vagueness of his proposals so far.

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SURVEY: Ten Key Questions on Cyber Risk and Cyber Risk Insurance

The Geneva Association, Nov. 2016
As the technological environment is continuously changing and the attacks get more sophisticated, it is especially important that investigative authorities are equipped with sufficient resources in order to keep up.

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