Cybergovernance Journal Update – 12/4/2015

by | Dec 4, 2015

Cybergovernance is a hot boardroom topic – globally! The consensus is that success in mitigating cyber risk must involve an increased level of understanding by executives and board members, and increased education and awareness throughout the organization.

Global Directors Are Focused on Cybergovernance

Cybergovernance Journal, Nov. 30
A spotlight has been cast upon directors who fail to exercise proper oversight of cyber risk. Will it fade with time, or will its intensity increase? Is the issue confined to the United States, or is it destined to become a global concern?

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Corporate Governance in the Age of Cyber Risks

Knowledge@Wharton, Dec. 1
Nonspecialist executives and board directors all play a role in determining whether a company’s dedicated cybersecurity professionals have prepared the firm for the cybersecurity risks it faces. Regulators and policymakers increasingly expect that board members and senior managers have a sufficient grasp of cybersecurity core principles and can collaborate with and challenge a firm’s cybersecurity specialists.

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Threat of Cyberattacks Could Now Affect Moody’s Ratings

GovInfoSecurity, Nov. 24
Moody’s warns that cyber defenses as well as breach detection, prevention and response will be higher priorities in its analysis of the creditworthiness of companies across all sectors, including healthcare and financial services. As the threat of cyberattacks continues to rise across all sectors, “the implications could start taking a higher priority in credit analysis,” the credit ratings company says.

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How CISOs Can Change the Game of Cybersecurity

DARKReading, Dec. 1
In the modern enterprise, chief information security officers need a broad mandate over security and risk management across all operational silos, not just the datacenter.

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Adobe is telling people to stop using Flash

TheVerge, Dec. 1
In an announcement last night, Adobe said that it will now “encourage content creators to build with new web standards,” such as HTML5, rather than Flash. It’s also beginning to deprecate the Flash name by renaming its animation app to Animate CC, away from Flash Professional CC.

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New York DFS Set to Regulate Cybersecurity

JDSupra, Oct. 29
The proposed regulations would require regulated entities to adopt cybersecurity policies with respect to their own operations as as well third-party service providers. The regulations would also require regulation entities to appoint a chief information security officer, conduct an annual security audit and immediately notify DFS of significant cybersecurity incidents.

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