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Actions CISOs Must Take to Overcome Negative Perceptions

Feb 12, 2019

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To better understand the challenges facing today’s CISOs, Thycotic surveyed IT security leaders at 200 organizations in the UK and Germany. With the recent passage of EU GDPR, companies in the EU face stringent cyber security requirements and customers are highly aware and concerned about data protections. Understanding how CISOs in the UK and Germany are perceived provides a benchmark we can use to gauge the issues facing all CISOs, regardless of industry or geography.

According to The CISO Challenge: Aligning Business Enablement with Enforcement, perceptions make a CISO’s job even harder.

CISOs must “manage up” to executive leadership and boards of directors, most of whom don’t understand the nuances of information security. And, they also must “manage down” and “manage across” to the rest of the organization by providing IT solutions that create a positive experience for users and empower them to maintain security while doing their jobs.

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