Vendor Risk Management Solutions

by | Feb 29, 2016

Vendor Risk Management has become a key topic for many executives at major corporations around the world. That’s because countless recent headlines blame major data breaches on third party vendors. Security performance metrics that relate to vendor security have become an all-important consideration for any board of directors.

Vendor Risk Analysis

Though comprehensive software for vendor risk assessment is helpful, the problem goes way beyond simply checking a few boxes off on a form. Now you must rate vendors using enterprise-wide standards.

The Cybernance Solution

Our NIST-based standard for risk measurement will assess vendors alongside your own risk and rate them using enterprise-wide standards. This can reduce or eliminate director-level liability from shareholders or regulator lawsuits. This is the solution that many organizations have waited for because it encompasses each issue faced by both the company and the third-party vendor. It allows your organization to once again, feel safe about expanding their extended network of third-party vendors.

Security Vendors

Cybernance has developed the missing link between management and the workforce. Our Cybergovernance Maturity Oversight Model (CMOM) provides immediate visibility into cybersecurity operations, enabling your people to work together to mitigate future cyber risks. It eliminates the need for your key people to understand the technical aspects of cyber breaches. It puts the power back in your hands to control cyber risks.

Please contact Cybernance today to learn more about risk assessment methodology and vendor security. Protect your company and personal assets from litigation. Get back to feeling safe in this digital world we all live in.

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