SXSW 2018: Vote to Bring Cyber Defense to the Conversation

by | Aug 7, 2017

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that cybercrime isn’t going away. In fact, cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated every day. We’re fighting a war on cybercrime that won’t be easily won if we are unable to understand our enemy.

SXSW Interactive’s 2018 PanelPicker process is in full swing, and we’re excited to announce two panels featuring our own Mike Shultz, alongside esteemed cyber and war veterans at next year’s conference. There, they hope to have the opportunity to discuss the “Art of (Cyber) War” and “CEO: The New Head of Cybersecurity.”

The Art of (Cyber) War

Imagine a world where security firms, enterprises, and government agencies worked together to illuminate breach data and forensics. With every breach, we learn more about the enemy. And over time, we’ll win more battles, gain momentum, anticipate cybercriminal moves and be fierce defendants criminals won’t want to cross. This panel of cybersecurity and war experts will discuss how the U.S. can create this cybersecurity sharing culture and influence other global economies to follow suit.

The “Art of (Cyber) War” panel will feature Shultz, Four Star General Don Cook, CEO of the Cyber Analytics Institute, and Dr. David Dampier, information systems & cybersecurity department chair at the University of Texas at San Antonio (a world-renowned higher education cybersecurity program). They’ll argue the case for incentivizing private-sector companies and the government to work together to win the collective cyber war on criminals attacking the world’s economies. With your support, Shultz, Cook and Dampier will have the opportunity to answer how breaches at companies like Sony, Yahoo, FedEx, Amazon and HBO have collectively helped the U.S. battle cyber criminals, how can companies use basic war principles to better protect their businesses’ cyber networks and assets from the inside out, and what it will really take to get the private sector to work with the government to disclose breach details to disarm cyber criminals.

CEO: The New Head of Cybersecurity

Meet the new spearheads of cybersecurity: The C-suite. Shultz will join Dave Sikora, CEO of geopolitical intelligence platform Stratfor, to argue that IT should not be the officers of cybersecurity—executives and boards of directors are the ultimate protectors of their organizations. Over the course of the hour, Shultz and Sikora plan to debate if true understanding of cybersecurity from the leaders in an organization really is the best enterprise defense on the market. Without it, the millions of dollars spent by companies on perimeter technology (keeping bad guys out) will prove worthless when a single CFO, HR manager, or product marketing lead clicks on the latest phishing attempt email, or forgets to update their software.

As cyber crime continues to make waves throughout the business world, Shultz and Sikora hope to help session attendees learn what the most overlooked cyber risks lurking within companies are, how boards of directors and C-suite execs can break through the IT mumbo jumbo and learn to speak cybersecurity, and how they can work together with IT to be collectively more effective in implementing controls that keep companies safe from cyberattacks or naïve internal mistakes.

Voting is simple

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  2. Search for our panels – “Art of (Cyber) War” and “CEO: The New Head of Cybersecurity
  3. Give us an “up” vote!

Or, just click on either of the links below and you’ll be prompted through the quick process. We appreciate your support and hope to see you here in Austin in March!

The Art of (Cyber) War | CEO: The New Head of Cybersecurity

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