Cybernance / SecurityScorecard Partnership


On December 11, 2018, SecurityScorecard and Cybernance announced a technology integration partnership to make SecurityScorecard’s security ratings platform available to Cybernance customers.

We share the belief that the combination of SecurityScorecard and Cybernance gives enterprises a holistic view of existing and potential cyber risk. Cybernance’s internal standards-based assessment highlights gaps in people, policies, and processes and provides guidance on how to enhance cyber resilience. SecurityScorecard’s external collection and analysis of publicly available information reveals the state of enterprise and vendor security posture, as well as actionable insights regarding how to improve cyberhealth.


An External Risk Mode in the Cybernance platform imports data from SecurityScorecard so users can see their overall security ratings and their scores across the ten critical risk factors included in the SecurityScorecard analysis.

Future Integration

The second phase of integration will provide SecurityScorecard findings on third-party risk as part of Cybernance’s enhanced third-party risk management solution. This offering will be released in early 2019.

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