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On July 19 at the Financial Services National Practice Meeting in Jackson Hole, Cybernance presented account executives with a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors:

simplify the application process


supply the underwriter and the client with a limited NIST assessment


offer clients who sign with Lockton to receive a free full NIST assessment

The Lockton Cyber Portal gives account executives a competitive edge with cyber and D&O clients.

Instead of filling out multiple applications, your client fills out one online Universal Application. Cybernance will then supply you with the sets of answers you need for each underwriter application that you plan to submit. You’ll also get a limited NIST security assessment to share with your user, based upon their application responses, and an offer for a free full NIST assessment.

  1. Fill out one online Universal Application and receive information to complete any underwriter application.
  1. Provide any Lockton client with a limited NIST assessment and offer them a free, 60-day full NIST assessment.

To see the presentation given at the Jackson Hole meeting, click on the screen image to the right.

In it, Charlie Leonard explains how to use the Lockton Broker Portal to help win new cyber and D&O business by providing useful information to clients and underwriters.

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