Cybersecurity Governance News – 4/8/2016

by | Apr 8, 2016

Cybergovernance is slowly maturing with the refinement of the NIST framework, strategies to fill security positions and increasing awareness that the entire organization is responsible for cybersecurity.

Who Really Owns Cybersecurity in Your Organization?

Cybergovernance Journal, Mar. 28
Choosing the right standards to follow is important. Establishing a cyber risk platform that enables communication among all key stakeholders. But most important is placing ownership where it belongs…

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NIST Publishes Feedback on Its Cybersecurity Framework

Biometric Update, Mar. 31
[NOTE: Cybernance was invited to participate in the April 6-7 workshop based upon its comprehensive responses to the RFI]
“We received 105 comments from a diverse group that included local, state national and international governments, a cross section of the critical-infrastructure community, and a number of other types of organizations”…

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Hackers Can Be Our Cybersecurity Allies

WSJ, Mar. 27
To keep up with our competitors, America needs to cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity personnel in colleges and high schools across the country. Here’s how to get started…

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Loading Up on Cyber Insurance Could Impact Insurers’ Ratings

Business Insurance, Mar. 21
“We believe the underwriting, pricing and reserving uncertainties currently outweigh the potential earnings growth benefits” of providing cyber insurance, according to Fitch…

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Modern Healthcare, Mar. 23
The report also found “significant weaknesses” in health insurance sites operated by states, which connect to the data hub. Currently, 12 states and Washington, D.C., run their own websites…

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The $2B Market for Passports

CSO, Mar. 30
A growing number of countries offer individuals passports in return for investment, and the wealthy have been taking advantage in increasing numbers. In 2014, the global rich spent an estimated $2 billion acquiring nationalities…

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