Cybersecurity Governance News – 4/1/2016

by | Apr 1, 2016

Cybersecurity awareness continues to rise; and with it the realization that the business world is far behind. Shortages in security talent has driven salaries up and boardroom governance is still below where it needs to be.

Fixing America’s Failing Cybersecurity

Cybergovernance Journal, Mar. 28
A shortage of cybersecurity know-how is a genuine problem – but if we don’t apply what we know, it won’t matter how many computer science graduates we produce…

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Senior Management

Bloomberg, Mar. 21
The board of directors and senior management should work together to make sure the right people are developing and implementing the institution’s cyber preparedness plan…

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Spring Forward with Three Essential Cyber Improvements

Security InfoWatch, Mar. 30
Many organizations are struggling to keep up with the challenges that accompany the rapid expansion of digitization and the increasing connectivity of business, challenges that amplify the real reputational and financial risks your business faces when a cyber-attack occurs…

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Why PE Managers Should View Cybersecurity Like Personal Hygiene

HedgeWeek, Mar. 31
PE groups are in a unique position when it comes to maintaining a secure cyber program because not only must they concentrate on ensuring that their own business operations are protected, they must also proactively monitor the security of their underlying portfolio companies…

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Survey: With All Eyes on Security, Talent Shortage Sends Salaries Sky High

CSO, Mar. 30
IT executives surveyed for’s 2016 State of the CIO report said that “improving cybersecurity ranks third on the list of goals their CEOs have set for them personally (29%), behind completing a major enterprise project (40%) and reaching a specific revenue goal (32%)…

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Cybersecurity Study: Lack of Boardroom Governance across UK Industries, Mar. 21
48% of respondents said cyber security appears on the agenda only “every few months”, with many covering it less than twice a year, and only 9% of their IT budget, on average, is devoted to preventing cyber attacks…

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