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Cybernance’s Unique Software Quickly Identifies Cyber-Risks People, Policy and Process are Key

Aug 9, 2018

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Please tell us a little bit about your background and current position at Cybernance.

I’ve been in the technology world for all my adult life. During that time, I started and sold a string of companies, the latest of which was Infoglide Software. After the sale, on my wife’s recommendation, I began looking very carefully at cyber risk within businesses and government and realized this was going to be a major issue with which they were not well equipped to deal. There was already a lot of money being invested in technical solutions at the perimeter (dig the moat deeper, build the wall higher), but it seemed to me that cyber-risk management related to governance, policies, and processes was sorely lacking.

The company I ran before Cybernance developed all of the underlying algorithms for the TSA’s terrorist screening program. I became very versed in risk management, identity management and all the things that go along with that very advanced software development, so it was a natural transition into this business

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