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Cybernance Prepares Federal Agencies for Trump’s Cybersecurity of Federal Networks Executive Order

Cybernance platform enables agencies to be compliant within the 90-day deadline mandated by executive order

AUSTIN, TX – May 11, 2017 – Cybernance Corporation, a provider of cyber risk governance technology solutions, today announced availability of the Cybernance Platform for federal agencies that must comply with President Trump’s Cybersecurity of Federal Networks executive order. Cybernance is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)—the framework agencies are compelled to use according to the order—which allows agency heads to ensure their organizations are mitigating and reporting on cyber risks within the 90-day deadline issued by President Trump.

The Cybersecurity of Federal Networks executive order aims to better protect sensitive government data from cyber terrorism and criminal activity, especially as it relates to national security and the protection of U.S. citizen data. The executive order requires heads of agencies to improve their cyber risk management systems by reporting on organization-wide risk findings, acceptances and mitigation within 90 days, and begin to align their agency staff, policies and procedures on the NIST CSF. If the agencies fail to report within the deadline, the agency heads will be held accountable.

“President Trump’s executive order marks a dramatic cultural shift in way the federal government is looking at cybersecurity, so this is a massive undertaking for the agency heads now held accountable for the security of their organizations,” said Mike Shultz, CEO of Cybernance. “The order mandates that cybersecurity of federal agencies be managed on an entire enterprise level instead of the status quo of building security protocols for specific systems. With this new paradigm, all people, processes, and policies within the agency must be analyzed and reported on to comply.”

The Cybernance Platform is built on the NIST CSF, and enables agency heads to assess, measure and report on their cybersecurity maturity across the entire organization in as little as 30 days. All federal and state government agencies using Cybernance will immediately have the management and reporting tools needed to remain in compliance with mandates like the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks executive order, the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) cybersecurity regulations, and other pending state regulations, including those in Texas and Indiana.

“We built our platform to meet the most comprehensive and stringent standards set by the U.S. government so that public and regulated companies had the highest form of protection and support in maintaining a defensible cyber risk governance system,” said Shultz. “We’re offering the same support and benefits to federal agencies so they can easily comply with the executive order and make strides in better protecting critical data and infrastructure—quickly.”

About Cybernance Corporation

Cybernance is the cyber risk governance platform that regulated industries, public companies, and government agencies rely on to effectively oversee and manage cyber risk. Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the Cybernance Platform is an internal control system that provides deep visibility into the people, processes, and policies within an entire organization so business and agency leaders can easily mitigate and document all cyber risks. With Cybernance, departments work seamlessly together in an online platform that provides company-wide risk reporting through dashboards and a proprietary risk scoring system that gives executives and board members peace of mind and third party liability protection in the event of cyber terrorist activity. In 2017, Cybernance received the SAFETY Act designation from the Department of Homeland Security, which provides customers the highest form of risk and liability protection from third-party action in the event of a cyber-criminal data breach. Visit for more information, and follow Cybernance on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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