Cybergovernance Journal Update – 9/16/16

by | Sep 16, 2016

With multiple risk assessment frameworks available it’s time to evaluate which plans provide the greatest benefits, and which give a false sense of security.

To FICO or Not: Choosing the Right Model for Cyber Assessment

Cybergovernance Journal, 09/12/16
Several companies offer unique versions of a “FICO-like” score to measure cyber risk but is a FICO score the right model to emulate? What are its shortcomings when it comes to highlighting cyber risk status to boards and executives?

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New York Regulators Tackle Financial Cybersecurity

CBS MoneyWatch, 09/14/16
The NY Department of Financial Services surveyed more than 150 banks and 43 insurers and began conducting risk assessments of financial institutions last year, concluding “robust regulation” is needed. Proposed regulations are intended to ensure security of computer systems and nonpublic information, including data accessible or held by third parties…

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What Are the Best Risk Assessment Frameworks?

TechTarget, 09/12/16
A new survey shows that enterprise executives are shifting away from compliance as a security investment driver and adopting more proactive security and risk management approaches. There are several risk assessment frameworks that are worth mentioning. The NIST SP 800-30 is a frontrunner…

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Watchdog Slams UK Government Cybersecurity

Infosecurity, 09/14/16
The government has devolved accountability for cybersecurity to departments, meaning it now has too little oversight of what progress is being made, with the Cabinet Office failing to establish itself as a departmental lead and coordinator. Breach reporting was described by the NAO as “chaotic”…

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Federal IT Managers Lack Confidence in Cybersecurity Posture

Homeland Security Today, 09/13/16
The survey results revealed that most federal IT managers are aware of the heightened threat environment, but only one in three give their agencies’ current cybersecurity efforts an “A” and only twenty-nine percent would rate their agency’s efforts to incorporate more innovation within their cybersecurity strategy in the past two years as “very effective”…

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BRG Releases Cybersecurity Preparedness Benchmarking Study

MarketWired, 09/08/16
Uniquely, this study provides real-world insights on the relative strengths and weaknesses of organizations. We believe this greatly informs the debate on how to improve organizational readiness. Key findings include…

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