Cybergovernance Journal Update – 4/29/2016

by | Apr 29, 2016

Unprepared executives, losing sleep from cybersecurity issues, some not being able to read a cybersecurity report, are a cyber risk, not only to their careers but to their organizations.

What Hackers Can Do!

Fusion, Feb 24, 2016

More Than 90% of Corporate Executives Can’t Read a Cybersecurity Report

Forbes, Apr. 25
CNBC’s most recent survey in April 2016, indicated that more than 90% of all corporate executives said they can’t read a cybersecurity report and are not prepared to handle a major attack…

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3 Trends: Taking a Deliberate Approach to Cyber Risk Mitigation

Cybergovernance Journal, Apr. 25
Trends discovered in a recent study point to ways to mitigate cyber risk…

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51% of Biz Leaders Lose Sleep Over Cyber Attack Threats

SC Magazine, Apr. 21
57% of respondents are most concerned with damage to corporate or brand reputation. Other concerns include a loss of customers (17%), fine by a regulator (8%) or fall in share price (7%)…

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Cybersecurity Governance: Thinking Global, Acting Local

ITProPortal, Apr. 25
The goal should be to collect data and enable governance at a local level, while at the same time providing continuous input and analysis of security and compliance across the global system…

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Cyber Coverage Seen as Security Initiative

Business Insurance, Apr. 10
Congressional interest in promoting cyber insurance as a market-based way to manage business and critical infrastructure risks is growing…

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