Cybergovernance Journal Update – 4/28/17

by | Apr 28, 2017

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Just because insurance companies are gearing up to provide better cyber risk insurance it is still not the best excuse to be lax in cybersecurity practices.

Weird? No Evidence Linking Power Outages in San Francisco, New York, and LA

Cybergovernance Journal, Apr. 24
The specter of more significant cyber risk looming, and we should move toward greater cyber resilience on a national scale.

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Report: Future Tech to Create Lower Claims Frequency, New Threats

Insurance Journal, Apr. 20
Business models in the digital economy “are more complex and without borders,” which make “liability harder to apportion and claims more complex to settle…

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Australia Enhancing Government/Industry Collaboration and Information Sharing

opengovasia, Apr. 25
The government has commenced consultation with both small and large businesses and industry associations for developing a targeted cyber security approach. Initiatives will factor in time and resource constraints for the industry…

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Will Cybercrime and Other Cybersecurity Issues Undermine the Digital Economy?

welivesecurity, Apr. 26
Some journalists have questioned the persistence of technology fears over time, arguing that memories of specific incidents – like the Snowden revelations or landmark data breaches like Target – tend to fade. My response has been two-fold: first, the bad news keeps coming and that tends to keep fears alive; and second, we have to keep taking the temperature of public opinion…

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Survey: Most Insurers Envision at Least One Acquisition in 2017

Carrier Management, Mar. 15
67% of insurers surveyed said they’d pursue an M&A transaction to gain access to new technology infrastructure…

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Metrics-Based Approach for Bringing Cyber Risk to the Attention of the Board

GARP, Apr. 20
Prior to the 2013 Target breach, corporate directors were not very interested in cyber security. Today, more boards and executives are demanding to understand cyber risk. With this in mind, simply put, if you report into the board, you have to be speaking their language…

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