Cybergovernance Journal Update – 4/22/2016

by | Apr 22, 2016

One of the best markers that cybersecurity is rising in importance is looking at how the insurance industry is reacting to cyber risk. Another is to observe how national governments are reacting, or failing to act.

Told You So! The Impact of Cyber Risk on D&O Insurance

Cybergovernance Journal, Apr. 18
D&O insurers are grappling with the growing litigation risk following cyber breaches. Early in 2015, we started predicting “carveouts” of cyber risk from D&O, and that coverage after a breach would be contested…

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Ben Beeson Interview: Cybersecurity Insurance for Law Firms?

Bloomberg, Mar. 23
Because a lot of the risk is already picked up under current errors and omissions policies, many firms mistakenly think that all damages resulting from a hack are already covered…

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Managing Cyber Risk: A Multidisciplinary Challenge

LinkedIn Pulse, Mar. 24
We think about cyber attacks as being direct hits on our databases, but that is so 2010. Today, sophisticated criminal attacks rarely come through the front door. Instead, they use third party entry points both directly and indirectly…

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Cybersecurity Still At-Risk Field in Federal Government

Nextgov, Apr. 19
OPM recently “revalidated” the need to close skills gaps in certain “high-risk mission critical occupations…”

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Australia Releases National Cybersecurity Policy

ITWire, Apr. 21
Two main aspects are increasing the number of skilled cyber security professionals through the education system, and sustained joint public-private awareness initiatives and education campaigns to help ensure all Australians understand how to protect themselves online…

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US Could Force Firms to Help Break Encryption Under New Bill

SecurityWeek, Apr. 13
Gary Shapiro of the Consumer Technology Association, a trade group representing hundreds of technology firms, called the measure an “overreaction” to fears on encryption. “There is no consensus in the intelligence community that a requirement to force manufacturers to open encryption is the correct policy…”

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