Cybergovernance Journal Update – 4/14/17

by | Apr 14, 2017

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Relying solely on your IT department to handle cyber risk governance is asking for financial, legal, and institutional trouble when there is a breach.

Note to the C-Suite: It’s Time to Stop Avoiding Cyber Risk Governance

isBuzzNews, Apr. 13
Pending actions, which include a presidential executive order, bills in the U.S. Congress, and legislation in 35 state governments, call for standardized cyber risk reporting and management based on a de facto standard, namely the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). What is driving all this activity?

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Why Everything is Hackable

The Economist, Apr. 8
Computer security is broken from top to bottom. Most hackers lack the resources to mess around with chip design and manufacture – but they do not need them. Software offers opportunities for subversion in profusion…

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A National Cyber Immune System Begins with Shared Knowledge

LinkedIn Pulse, Apr. 11
ISAOs are intended to foster private sector/public sector collaboration that raises overall awareness of – and resilience against – cyber threats in the broader economy. This effort has revealed a broad sentiment in federal agencies: unease about growing tension between industry and government…

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All Hands On Deck -- Why Cyber Risk Governance Spans Whole Enterprise

Forbes, Apr. 13
For us to make broad progress as a nation in cyber resilience, we have to understand that this is a critical financial risk and the impact can be significant to all stakeholders. Sarbanes Oxley really amped up the attention paid to financial reporting, and we need to apply the same level of critical thinking and oversight to cyber risk governance…

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HIPAA as an Umbrella for County/Municipal Cybersecurity

CIO, Apr. 11
What often happens is that executives look at something like information security policy requirements and say, “This has tech words in it. IT handles tech stuff. Therefore, I’ll turn it over to IT to handle.” What a huge mistake…

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Cybersecurity Trends for Boards of Directors

Lexology, Apr. 12
It can be especially challenging for directors to identify upcoming risks and avoid focusing too much on yesterday’s headlines. Prioritizing the following three areas based on impending cyberthreats and emerging regulatory developments will help corporate directors stay ahead of the curve…

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