Cybergovernance Journal Update – 1/6/17

by | Jan 6, 2017

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Government action on cybersecurity will be a hot topic this year as many nations focus on systems vulnerable to cyber attack with little in the way of defined policy to counteract it.

Warner-McCaul Cyber Act Becomes Law?

Cybergovernance Journal, Jan. 3
The bill creates the first coordinated federal effort to reduce the nation’s cyber risk by uniting all federal efforts under centralized control within the Department of Homeland Security, and by mandating federal standards for managing cyber risk…

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2016: The Year IoT Broke the Internet

cyberscoop, Dec. 28
So, could the October attack against internet infrastructure provider Dyn be replicated in the future? Unless something changes radically in the IoT ecosystem, the answer is: Yes, and then some…

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Cybersecurity Gets a Bipartisan Push, Dec. 16
Warner has teamed up with Rep. Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican, and gathered a mix of 43 Democrats and Republicans from the House and Senate to push legislation that would establish a National Commission on Security and Technology Challenges.

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With Cybersecurity, It Comes Back to Basics

Wall St. Journal, Jan. 4
Companies also need to follow through on the “verify” part of the old mantra “trust but verify,” make sure people review the terabytes of data in all those logs generated by the expensive security tools the company paid for and be willing to confront assumptions about a vendor’s ability to maintain and manage security…

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AFCEA Calls for Whole-of-Nation Approach to Cybersecurity

Signal, Jan. 5
The country’s lack of policy regarding what actually constitutes war in cyberspace leaves the nation vulnerable to actions that could impair satellites, electrical infrastructure and warfare systems. That could lead “to everything from strategic military disadvantage to disruption to critical infrastructure, economic loss and even actual loss of life…

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2017: Government Will Be More Engaged with Security

CSO, Jan. 3
Cyberattacks will continue to threaten our way of life and that governments, in the next 12 months, will take specific actions to protect against these attacks…

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