Cybergovernance Journal Update – 12/23/16

by | Dec 23, 2016

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Because there is no end point to establishing permanent cybersecurity, it is important to foster an organizational structure that is resilient, aware, and nimble.

Manage Cyber Risk Like Yahoo? No!

Cybergovernance Journal, Dec. 21
“…directors can only be liable for a failure of board oversight where there is ‘sustained or systemic failure of the board to exercise oversight—such as an utter failure to attempt to assure a reasonable information and reporting system exists…’” In Yahoo’s case, it’s hard to imagine how the board will not be held liable for failing to exercise proper oversight…

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Cybersecurity: A Race Without a Finish Line

WSJ, December 21
Some military officials say cyberattacks now pose potentially the greatest threat to national and economic security, even approaching nuclear weapons…

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Small Banks Slam New York’s Proposed Cyber Rules

cyberscoop, Dec. 19
“There’s a bit of a one-size-fits-all approach” in the rule, said Laura Mazzara, senior vice president and chief risk officer for Pioneer Bank. “We also have some concerns that center around competitive disadvantage for New York State-chartered community banks…”

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Managing Expectations for Enhancing National Cybersecurity

CSO, Dec. 19
Some consider Obama’s special commission recommendations to the new administration to be lofty and unrealistic. “If you are really talking about specialists who can identify attacks, respond to attacks and defend the network, you’re not really going to be able to train 100,000, nor should you be trying to…”

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New Cybersecurity Report Highlights Five Surprising Trends

Inc., Dec. 5
The quarterly report contains a global compilation of the 500 leading companies providing cybersecurity solutions and services, and is managed and updated by research firm Cybersecurity Ventures…

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SURVEY: Human Error is Biggest Problem in Cybersecurity

Va. Business, Dec. 16
Human behavior was their greatest vulnerability (97%), up from 93% last year and 88%in 2014. Businesses are less likely to use fear to convey important security ideas — 24% of this year’s respondents tried to scare people, compared with 39% last year. Instead, security leaders are using policies, awareness, and training to help people become part of the solution…

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