Cybergovernance Journal Update – 1/20/17

by | Jan 20, 2017

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Spooked by data breaches and the bad press that accompanies them? It’s never too late to obtain a cybersecurity audit and cultivate cyber risk mitigation habits.

Achieving National Cyber Resilience

Cybergovernance Journal, Jan. 16
How do we as a nation enhance our cybersecurity posture to increase our resilience against cyberattacks targeting the homeland?

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Insurance’s Next Frontier

Insurance Business, Jan. 16
“[Cyber] is not a product; it’s a peril, and it’s a peril that can have lots of different types of consequences. We have to start talking much more broadly about cyber risk as a peril that can have different consequences, depending on who the buyer is, and change that perception of it only being something that we’re focused on as a privacy issue…”

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Do You Have a Cyber A-Team?

CSO, Jan. 18
Companies should strongly consider re-evaluating their approach to risk management and cyber defense and be more vigilant in making cyber a priority. In short, the cumulative risk equation – the combination of threat, vulnerability and impact – arguably is growing in magnitude, but most certainly in complexity. Today, virtually everyone is playing a high-stakes catch-up game…

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ISACA Issues NIST Cybersecurity Framework Audit

info security, Jan. 11
“This audit program based on the NIST framework offers detailed guidance that can provide enterprise leaders confidence in the effectiveness of their organization’s cybersecurity governance, processes and controls,” said Christos Dimitriadis, chair of the ISACA Board of Directors…

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How Can We Leverage Threat Hunting to Alleviate the Pressures of IoT?

Herjavec Group, Jan. 12
From an enterprise perspective, the lack of security surrounding IoT devices is especially concerning since consumer devices will inevitably end up on corporate networks. For example, if a company installs a smart appliance into its kitchen for employee use, that appliance may be connected to the Internet. Who will have access to that device? What can be done with that access?

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The 3 Cybersecurity Challenges of the CIO

LinkedIn Pulse, Jan. 12
CIOs will find that executive management is becoming more and more receptive to the cyber security messages being hammered out by politicians and the media. Board members might also have been scared by recent data breaches and the aggressive media coverage that surrounded them…

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