Cybergovernance Journal Update – 11/11/16

by | Nov 11, 2016

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As cybersecurity of digital infrastructure becomes increasingly vital, spreading risk around continues to be slowed by an ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

The Opportunity Inherent in Cyber Risk

LinkedIn Pulse, Nov. 8
Cyber risk offers an opportunity not just to solve the problem, but to turn the marketplace energy around cyber risk into an advantage for every organization. Effective cyber risk governance (cybergovernance) creates two major advantages…

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3 Reasons Why the Insurance Industry Will Never Be the Same After the Mirai DDoS Attack

Symantec/Connect, Nov. 3
The Dyn attack highlights three fundamental developments that have changed the nature of aggregated business interruption for the commercial insurance industry…

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On the Board’s Agenda: Framing Strategic Risk in the Boardroom

CFO Journal (WSJ), Nov. 4
The board should be highly engaged in advising, challenging and guiding management and ultimately in signing off on the organization’s strategy. Boards can start by seeking to ensure that there is a connection between the risk and strategy functions…

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The Path to a Cyber Security Governance Career

Information Management, Nov. 1
With a significant shortfall of cyber security professionals worldwide expected in five years, who will carry out these safety/security checks? For these reasons, there is great need for students, fresh graduates and professionals to key in to the cyber security profession now…

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Opinion 1: What the Next President Needs to Do on Cyber

FCW, Nov. 4
Work remains to be done on cybersecurity from a policy perspective, and there are several meaningful ways for the next administration to continue to strengthen U.S. cybersecurity…

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Opinion 2: What the Next President Can Do on Cybersecurity

CIGI, Nov. 6
After the next president is sworn in, here are three cybersecurity priorities he should focus on to make future elections more secure…

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