Cybergovernance Journal Update – 10/21/16

by | Oct 21, 2016

A large problem in managing cyber risk is creating, and perpetuating, a culture within an organization that is security-aware.

The Carrot or The Stick? Incentivizing Safe Cyber

War on the Rocks, Oct. 4
Why does the government want to be involved in private sector cybersecurity? Because privately owned infrastructure is at risk and much of that infrastructure enables U.S. government missions. Most importantly, around 85% of critical infrastructure nationwide is owned and operated by private companies…

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Underwriting Cyber Insurance: The Three P’s of Cyber Risk

Cybergovernance Journal, Oct. 18
How can an underwriter assess relative risk? Identifying the various sources of cyber risk confronting clients is a good starting point. There are many sources, and they fall into categories that we call the 3 P’s of cyber risk: perimeter, people, and partners…

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ISACA Urges Centralized Cyber Regulation for Next President

cyberscoop, Oct. 17
ISACA is out with a list of five “top critical cybersecurity priorities” that the incoming president needs to focus on within the first 100 days — a common benchmark for urgent achievements in a new presidency…

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Getting Employees to Not Just Update Their Passwords, But Care About Cybersecurity

Federal News Radio, Oct. 18
“We were kind of looking for those and their perceptions about cybersecurity and could they define what it meant, what privacy meant, some other security concerns… instead, we got this overwhelming view of weariness and this reluctance to see or experience anymore with respect to security. And it just lost control. It was all through the data, all the comments people made…”

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Audit Slams HHS Cybersecurity Oversight

fedscoop, Sept. 29
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ oversight of privacy and cybersecurity in the healthcare sector is deeply flawed… Sometimes the technical advice the department gave following a security violation complaint was “not pertinent,” and sometimes there was no follow up…

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The Next President and Congress Must Win the Cyber War on Terror

The Hill, Sept. 29
America’s Cold War has become a Code War. Last week’s announcement by Yahoo that state-sponsored hackers raided 500 million customer accounts is just the latest in a year of increasingly aggressive state-led cyberattacks against American consumers, government and economic interests…

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