Cybergovernance Journal – 6/2/18

by | Jun 2, 2018

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Raising the Bar on Executive Conduct

As we mentioned last month, managing conduct risk can improve attitudes about safe handling of customer data from the executive team down, and it encourages responsible initiatives that increase cyber resilience. This month we published two posts that advance this concept.
The first article describes how conduct risk and cyber risk are related: “The recent Equifax cyber meltdown exposed the close connection between managing conduct risk and cyber risk.”
The second one focuses on how the SEC has failed to drive higher accountability for cyber risk. ” If the SEC’s mission is ‘to protect investors’ and if it’s the agency with responsibility for the conduct of public companies’ management, what steps are they taking against these kinds of bad behavior?  Where lies their culpability in protecting the American consumer?”
It’s time to raise awareness about the role executives and directors play in improving cybersecurity. We’d like very much to hear your thoughts!

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