Cyber Thefts Made Worse By a Failure to Communicate at High Levels

by | Apr 4, 2016

In times of a cyber breach, fast communications are often crucial to stop the leak of information. Yet today, many heads of big corporations including the CIO and CISO, are not sure how to address every enterprise cyber risk issue. Addressing cyber risks in terms of NIST standards is another area where directors are often at a loss. These areas are highly complex and yet have become an integral part of the way businesses now operate.

Can You Limit Liability from Unknowable Breaches?

Through our extensive research, Cybernance has discovered that this problem requires more than just one solution. In order to mitigate damages, it’s important to address every layer including technology, board governance, and management.  Our CMOM or “Cybergovernance Maturity Oversight Model” is a SaaS platform that collects data on hundreds of cybersecurity controls and generates information needed for directors and executive management.

The Cybernance Solution

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) has reviewed recent cyber breaches and found that board of directors training can be very effective. Cybersecurity training now includes better communications between managers, customers and CEOs. Though the Internet has greatly changed the way the world does business, the same can be said for cyber theft.

Cybernance has developed a comprehensive system to address all of these concerns and much more. It’s all-inclusive and easy for corporate directors to begin utilizing right away.  In times of a breach, get much better enterprise risk management with the Cybernance solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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Unique Facts About D&O Liability Insurance

The fact is that victims often want to allocate blame when something goes wrong. This can leave the directors and managers in a company at risk.

Third Party Risk Assessment Management

Today’s savvy CISO’s understand third party risk assessment. With so many data breaches taking place each year, consumers are understandably upset.

Boardroom & Director Training for Cybersecurity

As Americans go about their regular activities, they must be constantly concerned whether their credit card information is truly secure.

Do You Have the Best D&O Policy?

An exceptional D&O policy will not only protect your personal assets from these threats, but it can also give you peace of mind.

Best Practices in Vendor Management

Hackers now seem to have no trouble getting into the most highly protected systems. This is the problem facing many third-party vendors today.

Cyber Liability and Big Business

Consumers continue to search for ways to hold those in charge of these large companies financially responsible for cyber breaches.

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