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Cyber security: This giant blind spot will cost us dear

Jan 16, 2019

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The report puts a heavy focus in particular on connected critical infrastructure, noting how nation-state backed hackers were able to gain access to the control rooms of US utility companies in a series of incidents that came to light in July last year.

It’s an extreme example, but it puts the focus on how technology is so vital for societies to function in the 21st century and how everything is so very interconnected . Even the most mundane items and objects can be connected to the Internet of Things, and in many case, they’re providing an additional means of hackers gaining entry to a network.

But despite warnings from the likes of the World Economic Forum, despite warnings from authorities ranging from the FBI, to Europol, to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, Brende is right: there’s still a massive blind spot when it comes to facing the risks posed by the rapid rise of interconnected technology and the potential damage that could be done by disruption caused by a cyber attack.

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