Boardroom & Director Training for Cybersecurity

by | Apr 11, 2016

The news is full of cybersecurity breaches these days that involve millions of individuals who are understandably upset. It seems that no one is safe from this crime. As Americans go about their regular activities, eating out and shopping at their favorite stores, they must be constantly concerned about whether their credit card information is truly secure, even while shopping at their favorite stores.

These anxious Americans want answers from those in the highest positions at today’s big corporations. Many individuals have even filed lawsuits blaming the board of directors at these companies for their losses. Most CEO’s and CFO’s are painfully aware of the risks and are doing their best to communicate with stakeholders, while upgrading their software and hardware to prevent future breaches.

Director Education

Director education programs have proven to streamline risk governance.  With so much data now available online, the task seems insurmountable. However, Cybernance has developed a solution to address these complex issues and provide actionable data to your board of directors. Our services deal with multiple pain points, including board communications, enterprise risk management, director training, D&O insurance and many others.

Cybersecurity Solutions

At Cybernance, we believe a problem this complex deserves an all-encompassing solution that addresses multiple facets. We understand how overwhelming it seems to many corporations to deal with cyber risk in terms of NIST standards, while appeasing board members and customers.  Our program can limit liability from unknowable breaches and communicate with all stakeholders in a common language. It protects your board members, as well as your customers. Contact us to learn more.

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Unique Facts About D&O Liability Insurance

The fact is that victims often want to allocate blame when something goes wrong. This can leave the directors and managers in a company at risk.

Third Party Risk Assessment Management

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Do You Have the Best D&O Policy?

An exceptional D&O policy will not only protect your personal assets from these threats, but it can also give you peace of mind.

Best Practices in Vendor Management

Hackers now seem to have no trouble getting into the most highly protected systems. This is the problem facing many third-party vendors today.

Cyber Thefts Made Worse By a Failure to Communicate at High Levels

In times of a cyber breach, fast communications are crucial to stop it. Yet many corporate heads are not sure how to handle the cyber risk issue.

Cyber Liability and Big Business

Consumers continue to search for ways to hold those in charge of these large companies financially responsible for cyber breaches.

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